Is your storage tank mixer tested to NSF/ANSI 61 + 372 strict standards?

Is your storage tank mixer motor tested to NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 strict standards?

Not every storage tank mixer is tested to these strict standards outlined by NSF/ANSI. It is important to make sure that your municipality, utility or private entity is using a motor that is tested to these standards, which are the strictest in the industry. Great Northern Environmental is proud to add Kasco’s CertiSafe Municipal Mixer to its world-class product line. Learn more below. 

Kasco’s CertiSafe Municipal Mixer

Kasco’s CertiSafe™ Municipal Mixer for potable water is certified and tested to strict NSF/ANSI 61 & NSF/ANSI 372 standards and designed for use in municipal water storage tanks and reservoirs 20,000 gallons and larger. This powerful, active tank mixer is fully submersible up to 50 ft. of depth, easy to install, and can be mounted using a floor base, suspension or pipe mount. Each unit carries a 3 year warranty, which applies to the mixer, mount and control panel.

Kasco’s CertiSafe™ Municipal Mixer features a durable, stainless steel body combined with a domed stainless steel top, ensuring it will withstand continual use in your tank environments. It includes top safety features with a food grade mineral oil lubricant and a double mechanical seal.

Control panels for CertiSafe™ are 60Hz, single phase units available in 120V and 240V. UL listed and easy to install, these panels include an H-O-A control switch, indicator LED, and SCADA I/O for remote operation and monitoring.

Benefits of a Powerful, Active Mixer

• Eliminates thermal stratification• Reduces residual loss• Eliminates chemical stratification• Reduces differences in water taste and odor• Reduces nitrification risk in chloraminated water• Lowers rate of disinfection by-product (DBP)• Prevents tank from ice damage and corrosion• Lowers the rate of sediment accumulation


Tony Belden
Tony Belden, Outside Sales – Tanks/Domes/Covers

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